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  • Firearm Safety Rules

    Know your range rules! Firearm safety is paramount, educate yourself before you hit the range.

    Click here to learn the range safety rules

  • What's a challenge coin?

    Can you defeat the Alpha Shooting Challenge?

    Earn the coveted black nickel Missilefish challenge coin

    To learn more about the challenge contact us

  • Learn More

    Coming in 2013, Space Is Limited!

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What people are saying

Take out the slack, and presssssss. The words will stick in your mind. Trigger control fundamentals make all the difference.
Mark, Scottsdale

Prior to the home defense class, I was sure I wanted a shotgun for home. The lessons I learned helped me re-evaluate my original plan and form a far more practical solution for my family and home.
Kathy, Scottsdale